Truth Tuesday

Say it with me, on Tuesday we tell TRUTHS! Truth Tuesday is the place you come for comfort, love, support, transparency, honesty and harsh truths. I’m striped down, open and vulnerable hoping yall are able to connect with me and find solace from my words and life experiences.

Truth Tuesday – Use Your Words

No matter how long you've been in a relationship, you must always use your words. What exactly does that mean? Basically, it means to fully communicate your thoughts. Nothing starts an argument quicker than someone half-way expressing their thoughts/feelings. I feel...

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Truth Tuesday – Blackish

Last year, Anthony finally convinced me to watch Blackish. The show stars Anthony Anderson (Andre) and goals galore herself, Tracee Ellis Ross (Rainbow). They're a middle-aged, black couple living in suburbia. Andre is an advertising exec and Rainbow is an MD. They...

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Truth Tuesday – Smash Into YOU!

On November 8th 2008 Beyoncé released her third solo album titled "I AM...Sasha Fierce". It was a double album, and the 6th track on the first album was "Smash Into You". This song talks about a woman falling in love. It's simply beautiful, because well, love is...

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Truth Tuesday – Token

Sometimes I feel like I'm a token Yeah, I'm the cool one because I'm housebroken The one they keep around so they can say they know "those people" I serve as their protection to the outside world just like a flower has a sepal Us tokens are usually unappreciated and...

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