Truth Tuesday

Say it with me, on Tuesday we tell TRUTHS! Truth Tuesday is the place you come for comfort, love, support, transparency, honesty and harsh truths. I’m striped down, open and vulnerable hoping yall are able to connect with me and find solace from my words and life experiences.

Truth Tuesday -The Shame Game

Images By Ivory Door Studio I'm often asked about my ability to be vulnerable. Until now, I've responded with the same answers. 1. I've had tons of therapy. 2. I have no shame. 3. Whatever I'm going through someone else has already overcome it. Last week my therapist...

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Truth Tuesday – Scar Tissue

Images By Ivory Door Studio Y'all remember my blog post The Lump In My Breast? That whole ordeal was very scary, and truth be told I'm still dealing with it. I recently went back to the doctor in March for another ultrasound and visit with the surgeon. I have another...

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Truth Tuesday – Grading On A Curve

Image by Ivory Door Studio Who remembers taking a test, and afterwards the teacher informed it would be graded on a curve? You would instantly know the majority of students were going to get not so good grades because preference was given to the person that scored the...

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