My name is Sheena Steward, and I’m a creative girl living in Nashville, TN. As a creative I have countless loves (passions)! Due to the craziness of life, each of my loves can’t always be centerstage. I created Love At Any Stage to display all my loves as they transition from stage to stage throughout my life.

My greatest love is and will always be my marriage. Anthony and I were married April 2016, and in June of that year we decided to have weekly date nights in order to keep our relationship fresh after the I Dos were said. We’re affectionately known as HutchStew. I know you’re asking yourself, “what’s a HutchStew”? Anthony’s last name is Hutchinson, and mine is Steward. Yep, you read that correctly, we’re married and have different last names. We’re that couple that colors outside of the lines.

Although I love having weekly date nights with my husband, I can’t neglect my other passions which include great thrifting sessions, writing and community service. I display my passion for writing and truth telling on my Truth Tuesday posts. While I’m also known for trying to change the world through random acts of kindness, public speaking and community service.

Join me on my journey as I maneuver through Love At Any Stage!

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