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Ant and I had a conversation about taking each other for granted. We both said we feel taken for granted at times. The way we evaluated those moments were different, and I think it’s largely based on worth vs standard. How do I take Anthony for granted? Well, I take for granted that he’ll do certain things. I don’t give credit to fish for swimming. I mean that’s what they do, right? But, that doesn’t mean I can’t encourage them or even say hey you’re out here shining like Michael Phelps. This made me think about worth versus standards deeper. This week I want to discuss the differences and what each mean.

I’ve been walking around with this worn piece of paper for a few weeks. When I get a thought about worth and standards I take the paper out and write. Here’s what I’ve come up with : Worth is value and Standard is quality. Depending on the situation, worth can determine standard or standard can determine the worth of something.



Self love is very trendy these days, but it’s really important. How you love yourself will impact how you love others and how you allow them to love you. If you place a high value on yourself (worth) then you’ll have high standards (quality) for your mate. Funny thing is we’re complex individuals so you can value yourself high in one aspect of life and low in another. I value myself high as a great mate therefore my standards of Ant are high. Which is the reason I take him for granted sometimes because I’ve set high standards and expect for him to meet those. When I neglect to take time to give him a pat on the back for holding up that level of excellence is when he feels taken for granted. Ant if you’re reading this you’re swimming better than Michael Phelps and Oscar (Shark Tales).

We’ve had to buy a ton of baby stuff (no, we don’t have two of everything), and I was obsessed with checking the safety standards. In this situation, a higher safety standard rating made me give the product a high worth (value) therefore I was willing to pay more for it. To translate that on a relationship level, some people have a certain standards they want from a mate and then determine if that standard meets their worth to even pursue.



We also have to taken in account someone’s past and if they’re carrying any baggage that will impact how they are in relationships or the pursuit of one. This is one reason we shouldn’t compare our relationship to others. Their standards and worth can be vastly different from yours. I recently thought about this when talking to a friend about a relationship. Can I be completely truthful with yall? After listening to the story, I initially thought, isn’t this what they’re supposed to do for you? I had to check myself and realize their self worth could be different from mine therefore standards will be different as well. This made me go on a quest for understanding worth vs standards.

What are we taking away from this week’s Truth Tuesday?

  1.  Worth and standard go hand and hand so be careful what you value and how you measure it
  2.  We all have baggage but the way we distribute it is the key
  3.  Don’t compare because we all have difference worth and standards that we live by
  4.  We’re human and from time to time will take someone close to us for granted
  5.  Tell the fish in your life that Michael Phelps has nothing on them

Your assignment for the week:

Evaluate your worth and standards in your closet relationships (romantic and platonic)

Until next time loves…