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Recently, I started back going to the gym and eating healthier. I’ve been focused on eating foods and doing exercises that work for my body. Through my research, I’ve discovered some healthy foods I either have to eat in moderation or I don’t really need to eat at all. I thought, how can something that’s good not be good for me. Of course I thought deeper about it. My friends, my new eating and workout regime birthed this week’s Truth Tuesday.

Nashville Bloggers, Love at Any Stage

It’s no secret that I’m knee-deep in my second tour of self-discovery. I recently blogged about it HERE. A large part of self-discovery is looking at yourSELF! We’ve all seen the memes about cutting toxic people, things and situations out our lives. I thought, “am I toxic to anyone” and if so, “how am I also a “good” person”? It’s like in my mind if I’m toxic to a particular person then I can’t be “good”. Then, it hit me! Kale is a freaking SUPERFOOD, but if you’re on a low carb diet you might not want to eat it. Listen, I’m a SUPERFOOD, but depending on where you are in life I might not be good for you at this moment. What I’m learning is someone else’s journey has nothing to do with me! If they want to add this superfood and all its magical nutrients, truth and compassion to their life, they will be blessed. BUT, if right now their current journey calls for something a little different then there’s room for both of us to peacefully walk away and still succeed. There is nothing wrong with them or me, our current phases of life just aren’t “good” for one another at the moment.

Nashville Bloggers, Love at Any Stage


I’m learning to embrace that I’m a superfood while knowing there are many superfoods so I won’t be “good” for everyone. That still doesn’t take away from my potent, powerful and down right dopeness!

Here are a few insights from my current self-discovery:

  1. My truth is MINE, but everyone doesn’t have to believe it or agree with it
  2. Humility is something you extend, but sadly sometimes you don’t get it back (it’s not for the faint of heart)
  3. We’ve all been broken, but the way to identify the ones that still are is by their sharp edges (see #2 they won’t extend humility to you)
  4. Forgive yourself
  5. Love Heals

I’m headed to the gym, until next time loves…