In order to stay alive in a horror movie you must follow rule #1. That is to remain a virgin. In every horror movie there are usually teenagers in a cabin sneaking off to have sex. As soon as the deed is done, Freddie comes out of the darkness and just like that the teenagers are gone. I think they use symbolism to warn teenagers about the consequences associated with having sex. But the other day I was thinking about my own life’s experiences and thought maybe there was some truth to virgins having some type of magical staying power.

I don’t claim to understand how difficult it is to be a teenager in the era of social media. Honestly, I’m happy it wasn’t around when I was in high school. I’m sure it only adds pressure to the hormonal creatures we call teenagers. I think being a virgin all throughout high school was easy. I come from a small town and my options were very limited, but I dare not act as if that’s the real reason I didn’t have sex during high school. For me it was more so that I over-thought everything (As I still do!). I was a living, breathing boy skeptic. Even as a teenager I had the ability to see through the BS. Somehow someway at that age I knew most of them were only looking for one thing during those hormonal crazed years. With the help of my skepticism, BS detector and strong convictions I was able to survive the “High School” horror movie and make it to the sequel better known as College.

College was a different ballgame. The boys were cuter, they were in abundance and the lies they told were slicker. Even with the deck stacked against me, I was still able to ward off “the virgin killers” better known as college boys. The major difference between high school and college boys was their commitment to “deflower” the virgin. For college guys, it was more of a challenge, and trust me they were up for it! “So, you’re REALLY a virgin? That just means those other guys that tried before me were wimps.” And after a few attempts they were also thrown into the pile of “wimps”. After 5 years at MTSU, I had survived the sequel, College.

Thinking back, it wasn’t difficult to be a 20 something virgin. Not because I knew who I was, but because I knew who I wasn’t. Whether it’s relationships or life we all have things we won’t compromise on, and for me that was always sex. It’s good to learn your own life’s lessons, but trust me getting free lessons by watching others stumble is just as efficient in some situations. The ins and outs of a sexual relationship was a subject I definitely learned from watching others stumble. Sheena The Virgin was very astute! She smelled BS from a mile away and wasn’t willing to compromise her morals even in hot and heavy situations. Let’s be honest, there were some sticky situations, but she always came out victorious and uncompromised. She was quick to call someone out and if they were no good for her, she’d eliminate them from her life.

I want to let you guys in on a little secret…I’m no longer a virgin *SHOCKER*. But at times I long for my virgin superpowers. Sheena The Virgin didn’t take the BS and was quick to show someone the door, but sometimes I have trouble doing that. The thing is my BS meter hasn’t stopped working. Honestly, it probably works better now that I’m older, but the actions I take after that meter reading sometimes falters. There are people who I know are no good for me just like the high school and college boys.

I know we all have people in our lives that need to be removed or moved to smaller roles. I have a tendency to keep around people who are: 

1. The “friends” that compete with you! You know the people who text you as soon as you make a happy FB stat. The ones that see you on Snap and ask where are you, but haven’t talked to you in a while. The ones that always want to show you their “new shoes” without saying hey you like my new shoes. The ones that ask you about a topic so they can swoop in and say they have one that’s bigger, better and cost more.

2.The “friends” that aren’t happy with themselves. You know the people who give you back-handed compliments. I like your blog, BUT that one part has a mistake LOL. They complain about their lives, but usually by trying to put down yours. The ones that wonder why your mate treats you so amazingly while they can’t get two seconds of quality time from theirs.

3. The “friends” that use you for your gifts. You know the people who text you hey friend how’s it going, but then follow it up with can you do something creative for me. And don’t even think about them paying you for your time or talents.

4.The “friends” that simply want you to fail. You know the people who promote and attend everyone’s events but yours.

5. And last, but certainly not least the “friends” that are broken. You know the ones walking around extremely fragmented.  Depending on how they try to fit their pieces together that day determines who you’ll be talking to that day. The ones with deep seeded issues that you’ve tried to help countless times, but they keep saying “girl, I’m fine”. The ones that fear what they see in the mirror so they reflect it back on you. Like I always say, hurt people, hurt people!

The next time you’re engaging your time, energy and talents on people who aren’t deserving think about the 20 something with the superpower and ask yourself…What would Sheena The Virgin do???