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Yall remember Christmas of 2017 when I kept begging Santa (my mom) to give HutchStew a new bed? Well, she wrote us a check, we gladly deposited it, but never bought a bed. We FINALLY got a new bed last Friday. Saturday morning Anthony asked me how did I sleep. Before I could tell him, I blurted out this bed has created my next Truth Tuesday.

We have a Serta iComfort, you know one of THOSE mattresses. I truly believe this will help our marriage thrive, because I haven’t awaken in the middle of the night wanting to hurt Anthony due to him moving constantly. No matter how much he moves, I don’t feel it. That’s due to the foundation of the mattress. Listen, I’m about to preach to yall today, but I won’t hold you too long. This Truth Tuesday, I want to talk about the importance of having a great emotional foundation.

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I have a tendency to be easily moved by negativity, and if I’m being honest sometimes I feed into it. While sleeping on that amazing mattress I realized my foundation has to be stronger than where it currently resides. I can’t be spitting these truths every Tuesday, and as soon as I press send I’m swimming in the shallowness of negativity.

I know you’re thinking, Sheena what type of negativity. Well, it’s been coming in a few different flavors, and let me tell you I’ve been eating it up and licking the bowl when I’m finished. I’ve recently identified some trigger words. I’ve typed those words and deleted them a few times, but I decided not to share them. Why, because it doesn’t matter. I’m not those things and I can’t focus on them. If my foundation is as healing as a Truth Tuesday post then I have no business continuing to lick that bowl. *Deletes it from my Door Dash favorites*


Another flavor of negativity I’ve been savoring is the negativity from others. If I’m not careful I will catch myself going back and forth with someone about something that has nothing to do with me or something that is extremely trivial. I think if they don’t care enough to resolve these issues why do you keep subscribing to this channel. *Deletes that station from my XM radio package*

How do I make my emotional foundation stronger? I continue to heal the broken parts of myself that still have sharp edges. I must delete situations and conversations that make me crave negativity. I can longer be lured by the satiation felt after I lick that bowl.


The goal is to hear or witness negativity and have Sweet Brown pop in my head like girrrlll you ain’t got time for that let them handle it. So, try me,  jump up and down on my emotions with your negativity. I’m going to be just like I am at night sleeping peacefully while Anthony moves more than a fish out of water.

How strong is your emotional foundation when it goes up against negativity?

Until next time loves…