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When dating weekly, it gets very challenging to find new experiences. A couple of months ago I came across Nashville Community Education, and was pleasantly suprised by what I found. They have classes geared towards people of all different backgrounds. It was if I hit the date night lottery! This week’s Weeknight Date was sponsored by Nashville Community Education and we were able to partake in a traditional Bangladeshi cooking class.


Our class started promptly at 6:00pm, and we were greeted by our awesome instructor, Nadia. We all told a little bit about ourselves. Anthony and I told the group we were on a date night, and we loved competition. Nadia decided to put us on separate teams to add a little fun to the night. She told us a little bit about herself, her heritage and where to buy authentic spices. Anthony made a point to let the class know exactly where these places are located. He thinks he’s a chef in real life lol.

Nadia gave us our recipes and provided a few tips. After that, we broke into two teams and the competition started. Spoiler Alert: My team started off badly, and sadly we weren’t able to get back on track. When we attempted to knead our dough to make the chopatti, it wouldn’t stay together. My friends, this was the beginning of the end for us lol. We added more flour, but the dough was still sticky and inconsistent. Meanwhile, Anthony’s team was perfecting their chopatti and headed to stove to cook them.


I know when I’m not good at something, so I asked if I could cut the potatoes and onions for the Potato Bhaji. Our team was much better at this task. I went to visit my teammates at the stove to see how the chopatti was coming along, and one of them suggested we take a few from the other team when they weren’t looking. Yep, ours were that bad yall lol.

Both teams finished cooking and started to prepared plates to enjoy the food. Nadia took a look at the food for both teams, and then she tasted both. Anthony’s team won in a landslide victory! We sat down and had great conversations with the other participants in the class. They were people from all different backgrounds, and it was great to be able to spend the evening enjoying the company of others in our community while also learning new skills.


The Nashville Community Education is filled with diverse, affordable offerings like sewing, social media and Spanish, just to name a few. They seek to enrich our community’s personal and professional skills with offerings led by passionate instructors during the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions. Whether you’re seeking an opportunity to advance your career, pick up a new hobby, share your passion or meet new people in a relaxed environment, NCE welcomes you to join a class. Click HERE to see a list of their current classes, and let HutchStew know if you’d like to join us for a class.

I’m ready for payback on HutchStew so stayed tuned to more date nights with Nashville Community Education.

Until next time loves…