Beer is a multi-billion dollar industry. Yes, you read that correctly billion with a B! I look at beer like I do coffee. I believe they’re both an acquired taste. I have a cup of coffee every morning, but as for beer I have yet to acquire that taste lol. Before you head off to your local grocery store to buy a six pack let me tell you about our time at Mantra Artisan Ales.


This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by Anthony, and we had a beer tasting and brewery tour at Mantra Artisan Ales. We arrived at Mantra 15 minutes before our tour started and were able to taste test several of their beers. There were 23 selections to choose from including a non-alcoholic coffee beverage (I was really happy about that). Anthony and I tasted about 5-7 beer samples each. Don’t worry they were all tiny samples. After the taste test we were able to select which beer we wanted for our souvenir glass which was also included in the tour.

Our tour guide Mike introduced himself and took us to the back to show us where the magic happens. He started off the tour by telling us about the four main parts to beer. To my surprise, the main part is water. (Don’t judge me I don’t drink beer) The other three parts are malt, yeast and hops. He also told us about other grains that are used.  We then traveled to the fermenters and Mike told us more about the brewing process.  We even saw the machine they use to can the beer.

Mike informed us of Mantra’s success and how they would be expanding soon. As said previously on the blog, Anthony and I watch a TON of Shark Tank episodes. So, when Anthony started to ask “Shark-Like” questions I giggled. He asked Mike where their beer is sold, where they were expanding, the size of the new facility and what types of flavors can they create. For those of you that watch Shark Tank, Anthony was totally having a Mr Wonderful moment, but he was nice about it.


The tour ended and we headed back out to the taproom. Since I couldn’t decide on a beer for my souvenir glass Anthony took it upon himself to “choose for me”. Yep, he took my beer! We ended the date by sitting in the taproom and doing some serious people watching.


Why should you go on a Mantra Brewery Tour?

  1. It’s only $10 per person (plus $1.54 convenience fee)
  2. You can taste test several beers
  3. You get a cool souvenir glass to take home
  4. The tour guides are fun and energetic (Mike was very entertaining and hilarious)
  5. You get to see where and how the magic happens