What does a perfect marriage look like?

As my one year anniversary approaches and I reflect on this past amazing year, I ask myself what does the perfect marriage look like?

W.O Smith Music School Wedding in Downtown Nashville All photos by Ivory Door Studio

I believe that many people have preconceived notions as to what a marriage should look like and what their own marriage should be. These ideas of a perfect marriage may come from the observation of family members, or perhaps what the media has shown us throughout our lives.

W.O Smith Music School Wedding in Downtown Nashville

In this first year I’ve realized that one size does not fit all and that perfection is what you decide it is. Sheena and I have a very happy marriage and deciding to take this journey with her as my wife has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Throughout this year I’ve learned quite a bit, but I’ll share three lessons with you.


  1. Communication is Key – I have learned that having open and constant communication is very important.

  2. Have fun – Having fun and doing things outside the box keeps things from getting stale. Our weekly dates have definitely added to the fun of our marriage.

  3. Teamwork – Working as a team makes everything easier. We help each other accomplish goals and know that we can depend on each other. There is no room for an ego in true teamwork.

Our marriage does not mirror anyone else’s, and we do what makes us happy. We tend to live contrary to societal norms, but if others have more traditional gender roles it doesn’t matter as long as both people are happy. I truly believe that perfection is what you decide for it to be! You can play videogames together and eat pizza for dinner every nite, but if you’re smiling together that’s what matters!


Happiness should trump norms. Keeping your marriage spontaneous and exciting is extremely important and is what Sheena and I  constantly strive to do.

So to answer the original question of what does a perfect marriage look like, well I honestly can’t tell you. What I do know is that our marriage is perfect for us, and I’m looking forward to many  more anniversaries.

Anthony “Hutch” Hutchinson