I’m a firm believer in the thought that everything happens for a reason! When Anthony and I started Weeknight Date Night I had no clue how many amazing people we’d meet. We had our first edition of Weeknight Date Night was on Thursday, June 2nd 2016, and since then it’s been a crazy ride. Our second date night was “field day” in our backyard. The day of the field day date I went to Dollar General and threw a whole bunch of random items in my cart. One of the items was a hula hoop (well actually 4 hula hoops). Fast forward to a couple of months ago I was having a meeting with two friends to plan a community service event, and we talked about having a luau and mentioned hula hoops. I quickly said I have the hula hoops. A week later, one of my friends from the meeting found a hula hoop class online and asked if I’d like to attend. Like I said everything happens for a reason.


That brings me to this week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night. It was selected by me, and we took a hula hoop class from the crazy talented Dajanae Cole. She meet Anthony and I at our house and we walked to a park in our neighborhood. She turned on some music and we started. One of us is a natural and the other one is just not good at all. I won’t say any names, but Anthony needed more of Dajanae’s time than I did. We quickly discovered that Anthony did better when she played Wiggle. Yep, that song. I’m very embarrassed and he should be too, but sometimes you have to conquer things by any means necessary. Dajanae taught us some fun tricks including dancing with the hula hoop, doing squats and other exercising methods, and a few arm tricks to name a few.

I’ve previously talked about “nuggets” that we get during our dates. This one was no different. We got a great nugget from listening to Dajanae simply speak about her life. She’s one of those people who lights up a room and you can easily tell within minutes that she’s one of the special ones. She talked about her life from CA all the way to TN and how she’s overcome some of life’s situations. Naturally a person with a light as bright as hers is setting the world on fire by helping others.


She’s in the early stages of hula hoop classes, but if you have a group outing and would like for her to teach a class you can contact her HERE! Anthony and I had a great time spending the afternoon in the park hula-hooping , but we had an even better time getting to know Dajanae a little more.


Dajanae has lived in Nashville for two years, but she’s originally from CA. One of her core values is FUN! Dajanae started hula-hooping for fun and enjoys getting to share the fun of hula-hooping with anyone who wants to join. She loves to see people take risk and step outside their comfort zones. Dajanae appreciates seeing adults pick up hula hooping and embrace the kid inside of them. She recently had her first hula-hooping class, and it went well. She plans on doing more in the future.


Until next time loves…

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