I’ve noticed a trend with a lot of my blog posts. I love to reference the 90s. Again, I’m an 80s baby so the 90s were my decade.  In 1992, the Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona, Spain. It was then that the world was introduced to the “Dream Team”. I love basketball, and have been a Lakers fan since before I could speak. I loved watching Magic Johnson and the rest of the team take home the gold.  Although I love basketball, the Olympic event I was the most excited about was women’s gymnastics. Even though I loved to watch Dominique Dawes aka “Awesome Dawesome” and her amazing floor routines she was my second favorite gymnast. Kim Zmeskal was my favorite gymnast! In honor of Kim and “Awesome Dawesome” this week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by me and we went to Nashville Gymnastics Training Center.

Last month Anthony and I were invited to the birthday party of his best friend’s daughter. The party was at the Nashville Gymnastics Training Center and I immediately went to the front desk and asked if they had adult classes. When you date your husband weekly you’re ALWAYS on the lookout for potential date locations. The worker said they had adult classes as well as adult open gym. I went back to Anthony and happily told him we’d be coming back for adult open gym.

A few weeks later, we got dressed in our athletic gear and headed to adult open gym. When we arrived we had to sign in and pay the entry fee of $10. We paid, put our shoes up and headed down to the floor. The gym is spacious and it has a ton of equipment. We started out with some light stretches. When you get old you realize you MUST stretch before and after any type of athletic event. The first thing we tried was the balance beam. Let’s be real neither of us did any flips we stuck to walking on the beam. We then moved over to the uneven bars. There was another couple on them and they made it look semi easy. Anthony was first and it was a no go. I quickly followed in his footsteps lol. We then noticed a spring-board and tall mat. We proceeded to run full speed jump off the spring and into the mat. That was sooooo much FUN! We did that several times and had plenty of laughs. We headed over to the floor to turn some flips. I constantly walk around the house doing handstands so the floor was like a second home to me. We did some flips and then I took it a step further by doing the splits and backbends. At this point we were tired (did I mention we were old). Just as we were about to leave I noticed a tall cargo net and had to climb it.

We worked up an appetite with all that bouncing around. We got out of our gym clothes and changed into something a little more comfortable. It’s March Madness so we decided to go to a sports bar to watch a few games. We ended the night eating pizza, watching college basketball, having some drinks and plenty of laughs!

Why should you visit Nashville Gymnastics Training Center?

  1. Their adult open gym is only $10 per person
  2. You’ll feel like a kid again turning flips and jumping on equipment
  3. The staff is friendly
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