Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They’re pretty, sweet and oh so fluffy! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, and trying not to eat sweets often is extremely difficult for me. That brings us to this week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night. It was selected by me, and we visited Couture Cakes & Sweets in the Fatherland District of East Nashville.


I met Audrelle Brown, the owner of Couture Cakes & Sweets a few months ago through a mutual friend. She had a beautiful spirit and her realness was amazing. Little did I know she made desserts that were just as great as her spirit. Audrelle is also married and believes strongly in the union of marriage, but is also extremely real about what comes with it. Who knew when we went to her bakery to make cupcakes we’d also get valuable marriage advice.


Anthony and I are preparing for our first wedding anniversary trip, so recently we’ve been trying to live the fit life. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking why do a date at a bakery if you’re trying to eat healthy. Well, my answer is everyone deserves to have a cheat throughout the week. I let Anthony know that we’d be visiting a bakery to make cupcakes for our date. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth like me, but when you’ve been eating kale all week a cupcake sounds pretty darn amazing!


Before we left the house Anthony suggested that we bring our aprons to make us official. My cousin April bought me an apron for one of my bridal showers gifts. I thought how funny because I’m a terrible cook, but what’s really funny is that I’ve used the apron twice since last February and both times have been for Weeknight Date Night. Anthony and I arrived to our destination and both fell in love with the Fatherland District. It’s so lively and vibrant plus we had wonderful weather that day. We found Couture Cakes & Sweets and Audrelle’s space was so cute!!!


Audrelle had our space ready as well as the ingredients neatly on display. I respect all bakers/chefs and their kitchens, therefore I can’t reveal any of the secrets to her mouth-watering cupcakes. She guided us through how to decorate cupcakes and even did a demonstration. Because HutchStew is extremely competitive there was a TON of trash talking during us decorating our cupcakes. Most people would probably be embarrassed by this, but for us this is normal everyday life. We compete at just about everything! Don’t catch yourself slipping in the HutchStew household because it’s real over this way. Back to the cupcakes…after we finished trash-talking and decorating of the cupcakes we moved over to the seated area of the bakery to SMASH! As previously stated we’ve been knee high in kale and lean meats so the cupcakes didn’t stand a chance. I ate one of mine and thought about wearing a two piece in a few weeks and opted to save the other one for a later time.  Anthony on the other hand demolished his two and proceeded to eye a key lime pie cupcake. Audrelle noticed and asked if he’d like to taste that one as well. Yep, you guessed he demolished that one all while doing a little two step.

During our time eating the cupcakes Audrelle dropped some major marriage knowledge on us. When I meet people that have been married for a while I always listen for little nuggets that I can take with me to use in the future. She definitely provided a few nuggets that I’ll keep in my back pocket. Who knew that during our date we’d get cupcakes and conversation!


Since Audrelle is so amazing she’s sponsoring a cupcake giveaway! In order to enter the contest follow Couture Cakes & Sweets and Love At Any Stage on Instagram, like this week’s Weeknight Date picture of HutchStew displaying their cupcakes (pictured below)and comment your favorite cupcake flavor. The contest winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 14th. Good Luck!

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Why should you visit Couture Cakes & Sweets?

  1. The cupcakes are like heaven on Earth!!!
  2. Audrelle is an amazing owner, and she really engages with her customers.
  3. The space is too cute.
  4. It’s located in a great location so once you down 3 cupcakes you can take a walk to burn off some calories.
  5. You can buy not only cupcakes, but custom cakes (including wedding cakes), cookies and custom apples.