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Since Anthony and I date weekly there are bound to be some hits and some misses. Even during the week’s when we have misses we always find a silver lining and a way to connect with one another. This week’s date was definitely a miss, but Anthony and I had a great time connecting with one another. This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by me, and we rode in a buggy from Music City Buggies.

First, let me say this won’t be a normal weeknight date night post, because this is the first time I’ve ever NOT recommended a business to my readers. I found a groupon online for this business, and I bought it for $45. I went on their website to make a reservation, but they didn’t have a place to put the groupon code. I then called to make a reservation and the lady told me I couldn’t use the groupon that day, but that wasn’t specified on their website. Their website doesn’t give an accurate location, because they are located in front of Subway in the Gulch. No, they are literally on the sidewalk in front of Subway.IMG_20170906_231009_304Once we finally found where they were located we were given a buggy to drive. The lady briefly told us how to operate it. We’ve done several dates where we are driving things and the other businesses always had test driving in the parking lot before we got on the road. Once we got into the buggy the lady told us there was no reverse. So, she had to push our buggy into traffic in the busy section of Nashville, TN called The Gulch.

For our trouble she let us have the buggy for an extra 15 minutes as if that was a fair trade. Once our ride was over we drove back to return the buggy, but the lady wasn’t outside. Anthony called and the lady said they’d be back in 5 minutes. We returned the buggy, and the lady said my $100 deposit would be refunded back. It took 4 days for my $100 deposit to be credited back to my account.

I do NOT recommend Music City Buggies!!! They have poor customer service and all of their methods aren’t safe.

Now that that’s over let me tell yall a positive story. Once we got the hang of driving the buggy and found a less congested area to drive, we actually had a good time. Well, that was until I noticed I lost my wallet. As soon as I told Anthony about my wallet I looked at my phone and a guy name Chris had found me on Facebook and told me he found my wallet. We met Chris and his wife and they gave me back my wallet. It was a quick 2 minute exchange. I said thanks and gave him a hug.

I was so moved by his honesty I began to look at his Facebook page, and I discovered him and his wife were just married days ago. They live in Minnesota which is funny because I used to live there and my immediate family still resides there. (Anthony and I go visit every Christmas.) I found Chris and his wife’s wedding registry and bought them a gift to show my appreciation.

Although we experienced HORRIBLE customer service and unfavorable business practices we were able to encounter two nice, genuine and honest people from the Midwest.

I really hate putting anything negative on the blog, but I don’t want my readers to visit a place that doesn’t deserve their time or money. Praying next week’s date is back to normal.

Until next time loves…