I wrote this poem a couple of years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. I was looking through old emails this week, and it popped up. I felt like that was a sign to post it on the blog this week. ENJOY!!!

I change my hairstyle just as much as I change my boots
But all the styles I rock pay homage to my roots

I was taught to appreciate my brown skin, kinky hair and full lips
But I was also made aware that the world doesn’t understand the presence of my wide hips

My BEAUTY doesn’t look like what’s in magazines and on tv
But I realize it’s deeper than what the world sees

I can’t expect for someone that doesn’t understand my people to appreciate the aesthetics of my face
The features I possess they don’t see as having grace

They don’t realize that MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL but it doesn’t need their approval
So to me their opinion of what’s BEAUTIFUL isn’t that crucial

What’s even greater than the physical features that my ancestors passed down
Is my BEAUTIFUL mind that’s so elegant it should be draped in a gown

They may not see what’s attractive about my skin, lips, hips and face
But this mind of mine has the capacity to change the world with such style, elegance and grace

So you can judge me and say my BEAUTY doesn’t match up to what you deem attractive
But that just shows you’re lacking in more ways than one including your mind because it’s definitely not active

As I mediate and take a look at the BEAUTIFULLY written words on this page
I realize I’ve given this enough of my energy & it’s time to drop the mic & head off stage

Before I go I’ll give you a few solid words of advice…it’s okay to find BEAUTY in things that don’t look like you even girls & women who were born “tan”
But as I look into your vacant eyes I realize all this time I’ve been talking to a LITTLE BOY & not a grown a** MAN

So there’s no way that you’d possibly understand the deep knowledge that I’m spitting
Just know there’s a whole plantation of women like me that are BEAUTIFUL, know it and won’t be asking for your worthless permission

Until next time loves…