This week’s edition of weeknight date night was selected by me. Another year is coming to an end and that usually brings about reflection. Although this year has been kind to Anthony and I, we’re still not exempt from the end of the year stress. I thought a perfect way for us to connect and relieve some stress would be to have a private yoga session. Nashville has a ton of yoga studios so I knew there would be no problem finding a yogi to guide us. It was more important that I find someone that would be able to make us feel comfortable enough to be completely vulnerable during the session.

A couple of months ago I connected with Daisy Alexandria via social media. I noticed her posts, because they were always upbeat and uplifting. I quickly learned that the admiration I felt for Daisy was definitely mutual. The first time we met was during one of her yoga sessions for Creative Souls Tribe at Atmalogy. I walked into the class, we ran to each other and we embraced in a warm hug. I knew then that we were meant to be! So, it was pretty obvious that I would contact Daisy to teach Anthony and I yoga.



Anthony and I traveled to Daisy’s studio which is located in Madison. Upon arrival she sat us down and took the time to learn about us individually and as a couple. After our consultation we went down to her studio space, and as soon as we walked in we instantly felt the warmth and love. The room was dimly lit by three candles, and she provided two mats, two pillows and two blocks for us. We both expressed that we were looking for a class that would relieve stress, anxiety and provide relaxation, and Daisy ensured us we were in good hands.

During the session she was very intentional about the poses, and she was also extremely attentive to our bodies, mind and spirit. The session flowed smoothly, and Daisy also provided a ton of yoga knowledge. She discussed the importance of the three candles and what each meant. Of course when you go to a yoga session you know your body will be worked, but what I loved most about yoga with Daisy is that she was able to find a way to draw Anthony and I closer through certain poses and breathing techniques.





At the end of the session she told us she was leaving the room and giving us time alone. Anthony and I took the time to discuss our week, the rest of this year and what we had on the horizon for the new year. We talked about incorporating yoga into our weekly routines.





Why you should book a session with Daisy Alexandria?

  1. Daisy’s beautiful spirit is infectious
  2. You’ll learn about your body and its needs
  3. You’ll get a good night’s rest

Daisy Alexandria has been teaching yoga in the Nashville area for three years, and she is a firm believer in the mind, body and spirit connection. She offers various styles and modifications and has a deep compassion for healing through yoga by sharing love, peace, and light.  You can join Daisy and Creative Souls Tribe Saturday, January 7th 9:00am at Atmalogy.  Daisy is also available for private session.