With the ending of one year starts the beginning of a new year. The completion of something usually makes us reflect. Hopefully, before 2016 ended you all took the time to reflect on your peaks, valleys, gains and losses. No matter how deep your valleys were or how much you lost, please remember not to beat yourself up about it. When the clock struck midnight, it ushered in a new year and with that came the beginning of endless possibilities.

This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by Anthony. We made vision collages to represent our goals for 2017. Last year was a very good year for HutchStew. We moved into our first home, we got married, we started Weeknight Date night and had a ton of other amazing adventures. Each year people pray that the new year is better than the outgoing one. I think the key to that is perspective.  Life will throw all kinds of things your way, but the trick is to have a positive outlook and faith and things will work out for the greater good. (Two photos below were taken by Ivory Door Studio)

Anthony is a very linear person. He makes a goal, works hard to accomplish the goal and then he makes another goal to crush. His vision collage represents what he wants to accomplish this year. Although his collage is simple in its appearance, it has tremendous meaning behind it. Anthony’s biggest goal for 2017 is to continue to grow as a husband and to complete graduate school and obtain his Master’s degree.

As for me, I’m the exact opposite of linear. I’m creative so my thoughts are all over the place. I constantly think of ideas and most times I try to make all of them come to fruition at once. I don’t really have “goals”. It’s just never been my thing. I have things I want to accomplish, but maybe the rebel in me refuses to call them what they are, goals lol. My vision collage reflects how my brain works. I constantly have a ton of ideas and concepts weaving through my mind. My biggest “goal” for 2017 is to live outside my comfort zone most of the year. If I’m constantly living outside of my comfort zone that means amazing things are bound to happen. This year just like every other year one of my biggest “goals” is to change the world and spread lots of love.

Date nights like this one are important, because it causes us to slow down and think about what’s most important to us. It’s a perfect time to press the reset button and prepare to attack the new year with plenty of moxie. No matter if you call them goals, dreams or visions I encourage you to write them down, make a plan to execute them and most importantly find someone that will hold you accountable.

Happy New Year! We can’t wait to share this year’s journey of dates with you.