I remember when I was a kid I’d watch The Jetsons and wonder if we’d ever live like them. Well, today in the year 2017 we’ve accomplished some of the things the Jetsons got to experience. I’m still waiting on the flying cars, but I did see where Uber was working on that. The need to push the boundaries of our current reality leads us to this week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night. It was selected by me, and we participated in a night full of virtual reality games.


Since VR has become so hot there are goggles that you can purchase, but I wanted to take it a step further and find an experience that made me truly feel like we were in another place. After a little research, I found a company called Project VR Arcade. I was put in contact with a nice young man named Tate. He worked with me on setting up a package specifically for our date night. He said they usually only do large groups, but I guess there was something about HutchStew that made Tate agree to providing a date night at our house.


He arrived on time and started to move all of his equipment upstairs to our bonus room. The games require for you to have room to roam, so if you’d like to have a VR night keep that in mind when booking a session. Tate came downstairs to let us know it was time to begin. He asked who wanted to go first, and of course I jumped (literally) at the chance. I put on the goggles, headphones and Tate made sure the two controllers where secure around my wrists. I went through a virtual tutorial, and just like that it was time to play some games.


The first game I played was a “defend the castle” type of game. I had to use a bow and arrow to shoot figures that were trying to invade my castle. After a few rounds of that I played an arcade game where I was tasked to defend my aircraft from invaders. I also explored the human body and the solar system. Yes, I was transported inside a skeleton and then was able to take scissors and dig deeper into body parts including the brain. Talk about Grey’s Anatomy! I was able to roam around a deserted area and throw a stick for a futuristic robot dog to catch. Maybe it was Astro’s son. I played a few more games, and then it was Anthony’s turn.


Anthony saw me take time in each of the games and explore the other areas. He used me as his guinea pig and decided to play the “defend the castle” game the whole time. I must admit he was pretty nice with the virtual bow and arrow. He was able to get to a different stage of the game. At one point, he started to talk smack to the little figures and claimed he was channeling characters from Game of Thrones. *Sheena Face Palm* We each had 30 minutes which seemed more like 10.


On a scale of 1-10 I give this date a 10! I give it a 10!!! (Just like Billy Bob gave Ms Davis in Varsity Blues). For the 30 minutes I played the game it truly felt like I was being transported to a different place, and I wasn’t in my house. If you’re looking to book a session please reach out to Tate at tate@projectvrarcade.com. I promise he’ll take great care of you. He’s very professional, friendly and helpful!


Although we’re not 100% where the Jetsons where, we’re definitely making great strides. VR is just another example of how technology has added to our society. If you decide to contact Project VR Nashville tell them Sheena sent you, and let me know about your experience.

Until next time loves…