Happy Valentine’s Day Loves! First let me start by saying I’m not one of those people who is obsessed with this special day and expects my husband to pull out all the stops. Out of the six Valentine’s Day we’ve shared together there are only a few that I remember us doing something to celebrate. I do acknowledge and respect what the day represents which is to display love to the people you love. Since we date weekly we’re constantly displaying our love to one another, so with this week is no exception.


This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by Anthony, and it was composed of three parts. I absolutely LOVE surprises, but I’m very difficult to surprise. So, it was no surprise that I found out about one of my surprises beforehand. I’ll quickly set the scene for you guys. I’m on my couch minding my own business and then I get a text that says I’ve been confirmed for my appointment at Athenian Spa. I wasn’t too bummed about finding out about this because I was about to head out to be pampered that day. Therefore the text came right in time and I avoided spending my own money.


The next day I arrived at Athenian Spa ready for my mani/pedi. The staff was very friendly, and their service was great. I was in the same room with another young lady also getting a pedicure. She was so happy because she and her husband were expecting their first child. She said she was only eight weeks and they hadn’t announced it to the world aka social media. She described how they planned to make the announcement. She was so proud! We both moved over to the nail bar to get our manicures and just like that surprise #1 was a wrap.


I arrived home and Anthony said for surprise #2 I’d need to dress comfortably, and we’d be leaving the house at 2:25pm. We soon arrived at our location which was Trapped Nashville Escape Game. We’ve been wanting to do one of the various escape games here in Nashville, but never tried it. Trapped recently opened in Nashville and their customer service is awesome! We did the Asylum challenged. We were tasked with finding the doctors’ secret records before we became the next patients at the asylum. Our group consisted of six people (we didn’t know the other four people), and we had 60 minutes to escape the asylum. I’m the first to admit when I’m not good at something, and this just like last week is NOT I repeat NOT my thing. Don’t get me wrong I had an amazing time, and the game was a ton of fun but I’m not good at puzzles. (Know your strengths people…know your strengths) Our group gave a valiant effort, but we were unable to escape the asylum.

Anthony drove us back home, and let me know for surprise #3 I needed to “dress up” and be ready by 8:00pm. Surprisingly I was ready to leave the house by 8:00pm. We pulled up at a restaurant called Jimmy Kelly’s. It’s a steakhouse that has been open since 1934. Their restaurant gave me a “Gone with the Wind” feel with a dramatic staircase and bold chandeliers. Our waiter was friendly, and although they were packed we had decent customer service. You don’t go to a steakhouse and not order a steak! We had good food, good drinks and even better conversation. We topped off our dinner with a tasty dessert. I ordered the cheesecake and Anthony ordered the apple pie. We engaged in a little more conversation and wrapped up Surprise #3!

We headed back to our humble abode and sorry, but that’s where I have to leave you lol.


This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was great because I had three dates in one day and two of them were actually surprises. I don’t take for granted all the thought, planning and love that went into all of the things Anthony had planned. I’m constantly in awe of his desire to make me feel special and loved.


HutchStew wishes everyone an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with love, affection and respect!