Sometimes I feel like I’m a token
Yeah, I’m the cool one because I’m housebroken

The one they keep around so they can say they know “those people”
I serve as their protection to the outside world just like a flower has a sepal

Us tokens are usually unappreciated and taken for granted
Because they think we’re rooted and would never dream of not be implanted

Once they have you in their gentle graces they won’t let you go
It’s like you’re the “friend” in the constellation that is the plough

I’m like a nice harmless gateway drug
But what they don’t know is I’m operating on a humbug

I wasn’t put here to serve as anybody’s chosen one
Because whether you realize it or not, I stay woke son

I refuse to let myself become tarnished because I’ve been passed around by you
Do you know how much the world fears this hue

There is so much unfiltered power in this shiny token
But sometimes it’s difficult to bust that power wide open

You see when you’re a token you’re surround by people who don’t understand you
And when you speak on your harsh reality that’s when they decide to move to the back pew

The solidarity quickly starts to fade
And since this is uncharted waters for them you’re on your own, but hey sis, no shade

You realize being a token is a one-sided relationship
You give and they receive and somehow that’s considered kinship

Tokens, please keep your ideas and goals close to the chest
And don’t let go of that information no matter how much they become pressed

Because what you don’t want to happen is they use their privilege to present the world your ideas
Then you’re sitting at home with a new meaning for D’Angelo’s how does it feel

Don’t forget people love to collect nice shiny tokens
Just like they collected my ancestors, but I forgot that’s never to be spoken

I’m here to warn you from one token to the next
You’re not part of the main crew, boo, you’re just the annex

Sometimes I feel like I’m a token
Yeah, I’m the cool one because they THINK I’m housebroken