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Anthony and I have spent many years together which means we’ve racked up quite a few memories together. What happens when one of us shares a memory with the outside world and the other one doesn’t approve? This week’s Truth Tuesday I’ll tell you about the shoe throw heard ’round the world.

The year was 2013, and Anthony and I planned a trip to the Panama City Beach for my birthday. We had plenty of laughs, great food, drinks, fun in the sun and were able to bond due to sharing a new experience together.Β Since we were in the middle of the “Before Hutch Stew” phase we encountered plenty of very petty arguments as well. I remember one of the arguments stemmed from Anthony suggesting we walk to a certain restaurant. I didn’t understand why he would suggest we WALK somewhere and he clearly saw me putting on heels. Let me be very honest with yall. The year was 2013 and the Sheena that now exists was not even a thought to 2013 Sheena. Meaning, that version of me wasn’t into telling truths, because I wasn’t ready to be truthful with myself and admit I hadn’t healed from my anger issues. Since I was ill-equipped to handle certain situations, I resulted to what I knew…lash out in anger.

I got so upset that Anthony was “inconsiderate” and suggested we walk when I had on heels that I THREW a shoe at him. Let me tell yall something. I was a hardcore softball player for 10 years of my life and played left-field so I have one hell of an arm. I say that to let you know that heel had a ton of HEAT when it missed Anthony’s head by mere inches. I know you’re thinking why are you telling us this.

Anthony and I recently decided to go back to Panama for a quick getaway. Of course this brought back memories of the first time we visited. The other day he came home and said he was telling the shoe story to one of his colleagues and I thought BRUUUUUH WHY would you do that. Then I thought back to a conversation I had with my mom. She said while I’m telling my truths online it may come across as “sit comish” at times. It may appear to people that my problems are wrapped up and solved easily and quickly. I have a way with words, and I hope it doesn’t come across that way, but I’m telling you this story to let you know that it took YEARS for me to heal my anger and truly let my compassion shine through.

Week to week I share my life with yall and I get pretty in-depth. 2018 Sheena has healed and grown from so many things so it gives me a clear heart and clear mind to share these stories with yall and encourage others to speak their truths in order to heal and evolve. This week I’m letting you know before I arrived where I currently am, I was ill-equipped to be in a relationship. Therefore I had many missteps, angry moments where I was juvenile in my language as well as delivery of my message. At first, I was a little upset Anthony told the story, but then it hit me. That’s no longer me, and that person and her actions don’t have any control over me. Therefore there’s no residual baggage I’m carrying due to the fact I was once immature and ill-equipped to be an impactful partner to someone.

Are you still carrying shameful baggage from the person you used to be?

Until next time loves…