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HutchStew turns TWO in three weeks!!! Which is totally crazy, because it’s like we just got married yesterday. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and in the upcoming weeks we’ll both (yes, Hutch too) be posting reflective blogs. But, today’s Truth Tuesday will be all about the night we got engaged.

Let me set the scene, the year was 2015 and Anthony was in the middle of interviewing with several companies. He had been at his job for quite some time, but it was time for growth and change. On Thursday, April 2nd he shot me a text asking if I’d go to dinner with him the next night. That wasn’t out of the norm, we’ve always dated very regularly. The next day was Good Friday, and he had a couple of interviews. If my memory serves me correctly he told a few of the people he interviewed with that he would be proposing that night.

Nashville Bloggers, Love at Any Stage

I got all dolled up to go out on a date, but I was still totally clueless. Sidenote: we looked at rings in January so I knew it was coming, but just didn’t know when. We arrived at Valentino’s Ristorante and as the hostess walked us to our seat, I tapped Anthony and said, “uuhhh why are they taking us to the bottom of the restaurant”. He told me to just enjoy the night, but if you know me you know I NEVER let something go lol. We were finally seated and I said, “okay, that’s it! I’m calling corporate tomorrow (yeah, I’m that person) because there were so many other seats available and they sat us alone down here in this dungeon and it’s DARK (OR romantic lighting lol) down here”. Again, Anthony said, “Sheena, just enjoy the night”.

Nashville Bloggers, Love at Any Stage

We had a great meal, and I remember the conversation being great. It was time for dessert, and let me tell you I ALWAYS get dessert (just ask my dentist). But, of course this night I told him I’d pass. He kept asking if I was sure and I assured him I know it was odd, but I didn’t want sweets for the first time ever. He told me he was going to order cheesecake, and I was like cool. It didn’t hit me at the time that Anthony doesn’t like cheesecake, I DO!


The waiter brought the cheesecake and asked me if I’d like some. I was doing something on my phone and I briefly looked up and said, No I’m goo…wait a second (I saw a sparkling ring in the cheesecake). YES, let me get some of that cheesecake. I looked at Anthony and said, “I’m about to cry”. I’ve learned that’s code for, if I were a crier I’d cry here lol. (I told my mom the same thing at my surprise30th birthday party, but I didn’t cry then either. My tear ducts work though). The waiter took pictures, and THEN it FINALLY all made sense.

I HATE attention! This is why we were way down in the “dungeon, alone in the dark” because I would’ve been very uncomfortable if he had’ve proposed in public or in front of people.

We left the restaurant on Cloud 9 and ready to tackle forever!!!

What are your proposal stories???

Until next time loves…