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Hey, this is Hutch giving you the last Truth Tuesday of 2018 as well as the last installment of the HutchStew Dating Story. For two months we’ve provided some insight into how we were before we were HutchStew. As you’ve read, it wasn’t as pretty as some might have thought, but it was worth it! Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s Truth Tuesday.

We had reached a point in our relationship where we argued a lot, and at that stage we didn’t know how to fight fairly. Most of our arguments didn’t result in any actual resolutions or progression. It was basically all just white noise. I truly loved Sheena, but I felt taking a break was in our best interest. As you know from my previous blog posts, I was in the early stages of trying to find myself, so I thought this break would give me time to dive deeper before trying to extend myself to Sheena.
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Although I had great expectations for working on myself during the break, I really didn’t get around to it. The first reason was I missed Sheena, and it was difficult to focus. Secondly, as Sheena told you last week, the break was only a month so I didn’t have a lot of time to do a whole “fix my life” session. I can’t remember how we got back together, but we quickly realized in order to make things work we needed outside assistance. Sheena suggested couples’ therapy, and to be completely honest I was hesitant at first. I didn’t believe in therapy, but due to my love for her I decided to go.
Love at Any Stage Nashville Tennessee - Ivory Door Studio

Therapy was very difficult! We were forced to acknowledge and face a lot of difficult subjects. Our sessions would be after work so we’d meet each other there which turned out to be a great idea. Because, there were several times we’d leave the session with our feelings/emotions still on our sleeves. We’d both get in our cars, and not even speak to one another. Thank goodness we didn’t live together! The tough topics we discussed stretched us and in the end it proved to be very productive. The work we did gave us the building blocks to truly understanding each other’s perspectives and really dig into how to effectively communicate. I think therapy was one of the biggest things in our relationship, and without it there’d be no HutchStew.

I hope you all enjoyed the HutchStew Dating Story. I’m not sure what Sheena has cooking up for next year, but whatever it is I know it’ll be great.

Merry Christmas!!!