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Welcome to the first Truth Tuesday of 2018! Most of us like to start off the year by making goals. One of my goals for this year is to connect with my tribe! Having a tribe to encourage you, lift you up and hold you together is a magical thing, or so I’ve heard. This week’s Truth Tuesday I’m letting you in on how I don’t have a tribe, but it’s something I desire.

Let’s travel back once again to the Truth Tuesday Use Your Words. Remember I jumped in bed one night and blurted out something to Anthony. My exact sentence was, “I don’t feel a connection”. Of course he thought I was talking about us, but I wasn’t. Instead I was referring to the struggle I’ve been going through not being connected to a group of people who I have the pleasure of “doing life with”. I struggled with this most of 2017, and it became apparent to me that we all need a tribe to help us maneuver through life.

This issued caused me a ton of self-doubt and embarrassment last year. As you know from reading my blog or following me on social media, I LOVE doing good deeds. The self doubt and embarrassment would kick in often times after I did good deeds. I thought I do so much for others, but I legit don’t have a team of people who care. That’s hard to admit, but hey it’s Tuesday and on Tuesday we tell TRUTHS! Discovering, cultivating and basking in the comfort of meaningful relationships is one of those things that’s difficult to accomplish because it heavily involves others. This is not something I can accomplish on my own.

Birthday photoshoot 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee

So, where do I go from here? First, I’m writing this blog post so yall have been put on notice about what I’m feeling. Second, I need your help. Until I get my tribe, I need your help to push me to continue to live outside the lines and comfort zones in order for me and “my people” to find one another. In moments of self-doubt and embarrassment I’m asking yall to remind me of this blog post and push me back outside the lines.

I’m a complex soul. I’m goofy, but that can quickly change and I want to talk about why we all exist. I’m an extroverted introvert that is compassionate and loves to help others through good deeds and big expressions of love. I’m emotional, but maybe not in the way you think. I travel through all emotions and I’m not afraid to visit any of them. The less appealing ones I try not to stay there too long because most times I can’t thrive in those spaces. I desire and require GENUINE, DEEP connections, and I’m willing and emotionally able to cultivate these connections.

So, I’m starting off Truth Tuesday this year right where I left off last year by being vulnerable with yall. I will continue to do this in hopes that I’m helping someone else live their truths, and in this case I’m putting myself out there in hopes that my people will read this and “find me”.  And until we find we each other, I’ll do as the picture says and “be nice and do awesome s***”.

Until next time loves…