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I’m back with yall this Tuesday to give you your weekly dose of truth. Last Tuesday, I wrote two blogs but both were forced so I decided not to press “publish”. If I’m not feeling something I wrote how can I expect for my readers to connect? As soon as I posted a picture on IG last week saying I had no truths to tell for the week, the universe said, “oh you don’t, well let me give you something”. Listen, I didn’t want this truth, but I NEEDED it. This Tuesday I’ll be discussing a gut punching, vein chilling moment I felt last week all caused by an Instagram post.

I’m no stranger to discussing my insecurities with you. Remember the blog post I’m Just A Weird Girl With Insecurities? Well, last week I was chilling just scrolling through IG, and THEN BOOM, one picture hit me like a ton of bricks. In that moment, I totally forgot who I was, what I stand for and if I’m being completing honest my purpose. I repeat, I saw ONE PICTURE and it shook me that much. HOW SWAY?

The fine people over at define insecurity as “uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence”. Notice insecurities have NOTHING to do with anyone, but yourself. The picture made me think I wasn’t good enough and what I’m doing isn’t making an impact. We live in a society of likes, shares and comments, but if you don’t receive a lot of those it has the potential to send you down a rabbit hole of despair.

To say social media is saturated is an understatement. At times, it’s difficult to find your place and to feel like you’re actually adding value. For me, the difficulty comes with exploring my gifts/talents. I’m a truth teller, but that’s something that everyone can (should) be.  I have a tendency to compare that to people with more tangible talents like chefs, fitness instructors, makeup artists and fashion stylist. I tell myself they can provide services for people and get paid for living in their passion/purpose. While on the other hand I tell myself…you’re a mediocre writer at best. Not to mention everyone is a writer because everyone is a blogger now. Let’s not forget, you don’t have any talents other than helping people and at times trying to help people is like pulling teeth. Yes, these are the thoughts that ran through my mind.

I reached out to a few people that day and said hey I’m hurting can you help, and they each provided exactly what I needed but each in a different way. Sometimes, we lose the battle with the negative thoughts our minds produce so we need reinforcement from others to carry us. Moving forward, I must learn that my talents are my talents and I have a duty to share them with the world whether that’s 5 or 5 million people. Most days, I recognize this and believe it, but there are times like last week when I think I’m doing all of this for nothing and no one is being changed simply because I don’t see the high numbers.

My homework for myself is to continue to do what I’m doing and know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and doing what I was made to do at this moment. Will things take off for me? Who knows only time can tell, but if they don’t I must find solace in knowing that everyone I impact won’t be revealed directly to me.

If you don’t have insecurities or you’re not rattled by social media this is not the blog post for you, and I’m happy you’ve never experienced it. But, if you choose to comment please be kind and know that others reading this might have this struggle and negative comments won’t help.

What insecurities are you currently struggling to overcome?

Until next time loves…

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