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Recently, I met someone at an event, and then we decided to meet for coffee. Five minutes into our coffee date she says, “you’re different in real life than you are on Instagram”. It’s Tuesday so I’m going to tell you the truth. Initially, it offended me! I was offended because I thought, I’m not the type that “stunts” for the gram. That conversation stuck with me the whole weekend. So, today for Truth Tuesday I want to talk about IRL (in real life) Vs The Gram Sheena. Here’s the thing, IRL and Gram Sheena are both rooted in transparency. I’m transparent and don’t know any other way to be. The difference between the two is my level of comfort.

Birthday photoshoot 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee

The Gram Sheena:
I hit you with the truths every Tuesday and share creative date nights. There’s complete vulnerability in my posts. I share just about everything with yall. Once I’ve come to a comfortable place with an issue, I pull out my laptop to share my experience. People ask how are you able to share so much, and it’s because I know I’m not the only one that’s gone through that experience and my story could help someone else. I’m witty online. I hit yall with the truths, vulnerability and self-awareness, but I will crack a little joke here and there lol. I command the camera. When I see people out in public they usually say something about my pictures. I exude confidence and I’m ready to tackle everything this blogger world has to offer.

IRL Sheena:
I’m an introvert! You can see me in public, and if I’m in a group of people I’ll be quiet as a church mouse. If I’m in a small group, but it’s a group I don’t know or don’t feel comfortable around, I won’t talk much. Once I feel comfortable with you I will talk your ear off! I tell truths and share date night ideas, but only to a certain few. I’m still very vulnerable and extremely empathic. Even as an introvert, in real life I just have a level of empathy and vulnerability that will always exist. In real life, I don’t command the camera. Hey, get you a great photographer and they will make you look confident and fierce in your pictures. Shout out to Ivory Door Studio! I exude confidence in helping others and staying in the background. My confidence in this blogger world wavers quite often.

Birthday photoshoot 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee

So, I guess there are differences in IRL Sheena and The Gram Sheena. The most noticeable difference is my level of comfort. The Gram Sheena always has something to say and uses pretty pictures and deep words to communicate a point. IRL Sheena is not confident in front of the camera and might not speak to you too much depending on the environment. The crazy thing about me is I LOVE public speaking. If you see me on stage or at an event in which I’m supposed to be “on” (ie the Goodwill shopping events), I’m the life of the party. You could see me the next week in a different setting and I just might be the quietest person in the group. That could be for a number of different reasons, I don’t know you, I don’t like you or I’m not comfortable around you yet. Anthony told me I’m not a good faker. Hey, I’m transparent so I don’t want to ever be fake. The IRL Sheena loves to TALK, freestyle rap, bust out in a random dance, drop an F bomb very often and just when you think yo, she’s annoying I come back down and hit you when a deep profound thought. I’m well-rounded yall lol.

What are the differences between you IRL and The Gram?

Until next time loves…