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Who remembers taking a test, and afterwards the teacher informed it would be graded on a curve? You would instantly know the majority of students were going to get not so good grades because preference was given to the person that scored the highest. Honestly, I hated being graded on a curve because it wasn’t a true reflection of my work. I know you’re thinking what do grades have to do with this week’s Truth Tuesday? Well, sit back and let me break it down for you.

As a society we’ve become very visual creatures. Our eyes have become attracted to flashy images while our brains have been washed to believe there is such a thing as a “standard”. We should have individual standards and throw caution to the wind about what others will think. (I know, I know, it’s much easier said than done). But lately, I’ve realized there are certain things that are being graded on a curve, and it’s starting to really annoy me. Have you ever heard someone say a person is attractive to be a “dark skin” person? What about this one, “Happy Birthday girl, 33 looks great on you”. You’re still not convinced? Okay, what about, “Yeah I know Rhonda, she’s pretty, well, for a big girl”. I’m sure this happens to men, but I’m convinced it happens to women more.

Recently, I was thinking about my last birthday. There were countless people who told me my age looked good one me, but when I was in my 20s NO ONE uttered those words. It made me wonder, at what age do people feel obligated to let you know you’re “defying the odds” and still look “presentable to the world”? Truthfully, whatever age you just answered isn’t good enough for me. It might sound corny, but beauty comes at any age!

In the black community, we have an obsession with color. Trust me, I know this runs deep and goes back as far as “house and field niggers”. What I don’t understand is why dark skin women are graded on a curve. It’s as if their beauty is praised only if there is an asterisk beside the compliment. I know it’s a hashtag, but it’s also true…Black IS BEAUTIFUL!

How do we overcome this way of thinking? That’s tough, and it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. What we can do is start calling people out when they’re grading someone on a curve. That means even checking ourselves at times.

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Figure out what’s important to you, focus on it and make it the best it can be with or without someone’s pointless curve…CHEERS!

Have do you feel about being graded on a curve?

Until next time loves…