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October is my birthday month, so I’ve been pretty hype this whole month. I LOVE summer, but fall isn’t too shabby. Fall has the best fashion, and there are always a ton of events to explore due to various holidays. This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was provided by THE GLOW: A Jack O’ Lantern Experience, and we were able to experience the coolest adventure.


Let me give yall a little insight on THE GLOW. It’s an enchanting and unforgettable wonderland of more than 5,000 HAND CARVED, illuminated pumpkins transformed into beautiful landscapes, iconic figures and larger than life structures. Jack’s Lane is a cute trail that’s one-third of a mile. Don’t worry, this is family/kid friendly. The pumpkins are intricately carved, but none of them will frighten the little ones. This adventure is definitely G rated, and packed with fun.


Anthony and I arrived at The Fontanel and headed to the customer service desk to grab our passes. Tickets are purchased in advanced and sold in 30 minute intervals. After we grabbed our passes we headed to the bar to grab drinks. Yes, ladies and gentlemen there were booths set up that served “adult beverages”. There were also a few food trucks. We headed through the gates and into the wonderful land that Jack built, well I guess in this case, carved.


We started the trail, and I’ll admit I didn’t know what to fully expect. We saw the cutest pumpkin patch with a ton of pumpkins illuminated. It was about 8:30pm, so it was dark and the lights were amazing. We walked a little bit and saw a carnival themed scene. There was a ferris wheel and everything associated with a carnival. We saw a crowd of people up ahead that were all huddled in the same spot. When we got there we saw exactly why everyone stopped to look and take pictures. There were pumpkins of iconic artists. The Prince pumpkin was my favorite. We saw a castle with Elsa and Anna pumpkins in the window. Towards the end of the trail was a huge white pumpkin with smaller white pumpkins surrounding it. Then, out of nowhere snow started to come out of the big pumpkin. It was so cool! There was a pumpkin patch with pumpkins for sale at the end of trail.


We headed back to home base of THE GLOW and watched two guys carve pumpkins. It was amazing that they were able to do it so quickly and even asked kids in the audience what they should carve on the pumpkins. There were a ton of tents set up with different Halloween and pumpkin magic. Don’t worry parents there are trinkets and toys for you to purchase for the kids. Or if you’re a big kid like me you’ll want to purchase all the trinkets and toys that light up lol.

I definitely recommend visiting THE GLOW A Jack O’ Lantern Experience! This cool adventure is not just in Nashville, but it’s also in a few other cities. I wanted to provide you with details from our time there, but I wanted to leave a little suspense and surprise for when you visit. THE GLOW will be in Nashville at The Fontanel until October 30th. Remember tickets must be purchased in advance. It’s definitely worth the price of admission. CLICK HERE to get more information about times, prices and other things associated with THE GLOW.

If you’re in Nashville, and you don’t have anyone to go with shoot me an email and we can connect.

Until next time loves…

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