Hey yall! I’m back with another edition of weeknight date night. I’ve been so busy writing about my truths on Truth Tuesday that I have neglected to let yall in on Anthony and I’s awesome dates. We’re still having weekly dates, and I can’t wait to share this one with you.

A few weeks ago Anthony and I went to Arrington Vineyard to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She told her mom about my blog and our weekly date nights. Her mom asked if we’d been to the Salt Cave. I had talked about going for at least a year, but we hadn’t gone yet. She started telling us where it was located, and we realized it was close to our house. So close that we’ve passed it countless times. I previously wrote a blog post about my anxiety called, “You, Me and Anxiety Makes Three“. That post resonated with a lot of you and has become one of my most read posts. I thought this date would definitely help with my anxiety and might even become another way to cope.

I called Serenity Salt Cave and set up an appointment. The night of the date I drove us to the cave, and we decided to start off with a foot detox. The detox takes the toxins out of your body. The cool part about the detox was as the toxins flowed out the water changed colors. There was a guide we used that told us what each color meant. I’d definitely recommend doing the foot detox so you can see what’s going on with your body.

Up next was the main event! We had a 45 minute session in salt cave. They provided blankets, weighted pillows and headphones. We entered the salt cave and at first I thought I’m not too sure about this. Our guide told us that a man’s voice would come through the headphones and tell us when the session was beginning and then when it was ending. We figured out how to stretch our seats back into almost flat position and that’s when I was set! The man’s voice came on and after it finished music started to play in the headphones. It was so SOOTHING!!! It took me about 5-10 minutes to become fully relaxed, but after that it was like I was transported somewhere else. Well, except for those two times I had to tap Anthony because he was snoring lol.

I used those 45 minutes in the cave to just relax and not entertain the worries of the world. I was able to think, but in a non anxious way. It was more about me being grateful for what I had and the things I’m able to experience. With me having anxiety I don’t feel I stop and smell the roses long enough. That particular day I was able to accept me for me and my life where it currently stands. I also caught myself drifting off to sleep one time lol. The man’s voice came on again and we knew our time had sadly come to an end.

Anthony said the salt cave was pretty awesome! He truly enjoyed himself and he was able to relax and forget about the worries of the world. We both agreed it was great having dates were we relax and be comfortable being in each other’s presence without a word being spoken. Since the Salt Cave is only 10 minutes from our house we’ll definitely become regular customers.

The Serenity Salt Cave is currently running a special. If you do the foot detox for $28 the salt cave is only $10. You can do one 45 minute session in the salt cave for $25 or 4 sessions for $75. If you’re frugal like me there’s a groupon! If you purchase the groupon you can get one 45 minute session for $19 or three 45 minute sessions for $39.  If you go please tell them Sheena sent you! They also sell salts and soaps.

Until next time loves…

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