Remember that scene in The Notebook where Noah and Allie were in the street dancing? It was something magical about that scene. They were all alone on a dark empty street, connecting with one another by dancing. Anthony and I have taken a dance class, and as previously stated, I’m ALWAYS dancing around the house. So, when Rudy’s Jazz Room reached out to us about their Speakeasy Swing Night on Thursdays, we were really excited. This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was provided for us by Rudy’s Jazz Room.

We pulled up to the entrance, and it felt like we’d been taken back in time. When we walked in it felt like we were at Harpo’s Juke Joint from The Color Purple. Immediately, I thought we didn’t dress for the occasion lol. I said, Anthony we’re not in Nashville anymore. The ladies at the front door was very friendly, they welcomed us to the speakeasy and told us to enjoy ourselves.


The place was packed! We found two open seats at the bar, and when the bartender approached us he was dressed like he was in a juke joint too. Seriously, Rudy’s you get an A+ for the attire of the bartenders. We looked over the menu and noticed it had a New Orleans feel. We both ordered the gumbo to eat, I got the hurricane for my drink and Anthony got a Yuengling Beer .

While we waited for our food we watched the people on the dance floor. There were a ton of people who dressed the part. You could tell some of these people were not new to this. It was so fun to watch them move all over the floor. There was a band, and one heck of a songstress. Her voice was truly meant for that type of music. It was sweet, soulful and smooth.


Before we knew it, our food arrived. Let me tell you guys something, that gumbo was A-MAZ-ING!!! We both were tilting over our bowls to ensure we got every little drop. Yes, it was that good. I highly recommend it. The service was great. The bartender continued to check on us and he engaged us in conversation throughout the night.

Now, back to the dance floor. There were a few people that we kept looking at throughout the night, because they were great. Anthony and I didn’t get out on the dance floor, BUT we danced at our seats. Do you think I can listen to music and not dance? HECK NO!!! We listened to a few more songs and then decided to head home.


Rudy’s Jazz Room’s Speakeasy is every Thursday night from 8pm-11pm. It’s a $10 cover, and food/drink prices are very reasonable. The space is clean, pretty and the ambiance is pretty awesome. The whole staff was friendly!

If you’re looking for a fun night out in Nashville, put Rudy’s Jazz Room on your list. Anthony and I will be returning. Tell us if you’d like to meet us there.

This date was sponored by Rudy’s Jazz Room, but all opinions are my own.

Until next time loves…