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*This post was sponsored by Mint Julep. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience*

Who doesn’t like a good ole taste of whiskey? We live in TN so it’s only proper that we love it. Not too long ago I discovered Mint Julep on IG, and I was so excited to go on one of their tours. Sooo, this week’s edition on Weeknight Date night is dedicated to our tour with Mint Julep.

What is Mint Julep you ask, well let me give you a little information.

Founded in 2008 by owners Sean and Lisa Higgins, their goal has always been to share their love for their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and now their new passion for Nashville, Tennessee. From fully customized outings to crafted public experiences, Mint Julep is the South’s premier destination management company for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, the Tennessee Whiskey Trail®, legendary horse farms, historic landmarks and the South’s rich culinary and music scenes.

Our driver, Richard picked us up downtown at the Omni Hotel at 9:00am. We were definitely riding in style the whole day. Mint Julep’s tour bus was very comfortable. Anthony and I were the only locals on the tour. (The other guests were from Canada, CA, WI and NY) Since Richard has lived in Nashville for 60 years he was able to provide a ton of information during the ride to the first distillery.


In no time, we arrived at the George Dickel Distillery. Our tour guide was named Travis and he was pretty amazing. I was surprised that he’d only been working there for 3 weeks. This distillery is a smaller one, but what it lacks in size it makes up with personality and taste. We walked through the distillery and Travis was able to tell us about the whole process. For a little more history on George Dickel click HERE!

After the tour, Travis took us to the tasting room, and as soon as we walked in EVERYONE had a smile on their face! We each had five tastings. He told us to smell the first one and give our thoughts. I immediately yelled, “this smells like college.” It tasted like it too lol. It was a bit strong, but it’s the south and it’s whiskey so what else do you expect. My HANDS DOWN FAVORITE was the Tabasco Barrel Finish. I know you’re thinking whiskey and tabasco what kind of combination is that. It was amazing, and I need a bottle ASAP!

We all hopped back on the bus and Richard drove us to lunch at One 22 West located in Tullahoma. It was great to sit and chat with the other guest and Richard kept us all laughing!

After a nice lunch, it was time to head to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. We made a stop to visit Jack Daniel’s and Uncle Nearest’s grave sites first. The distillery was huge! We started the tour and quickly received a nice history lesson about Nearest Green. He was the black man who taught Jack Daniel about making whiskey. He also served as the company’s first master distiller. In recent years, Mr Green’s family has started their own whiskey company called Uncle Nearest. The tour guide told us not only about the whiskey making process but also about the history of the man, the myth, the legend Jack Daniel.

Of course we had to do a little tasting after the tour. We each received five samples. One of them had a proof of 134 (thank goodness we weren’t driving). Richard took us to the town square and we were able to buy souvenirs and do other tastings. We arrived back in Nashville at 6:00pm. Yes, it’s a FULL day tour. They also offer half day tours if you don’t have a full day to spare.


If you followed me on instastories that day then you know we had an amazing day filled with laughs, education, food, entertainment and of course WHISKEY! Anthony and I have gone on several tours throughout the years, but I don’t think we’ve ever had a tour guide as great as Richard! He had some pretty funny stories to tell and kept us laughing, entertained and safe the whole day. We highly recommend this tour and we’d love to go back to try one of the many other tours Mint Julep offers.

To find out more about Mint Julep and their tours click HERE!

Until next time loves…