As I’ve stated several times on the blog, I’m not the cook of the family. If we want flavorful food to eat, Anthony is hands down the one that excels at this. Recently, we’ve been hitting the gym together and cooking together. I’m usually the one sauteing the kale or browning the ground turkey, but we’re a team and know each other’s strengths and weakness. Cooking together is a bond within itself. We find ourselves having great conversation during that time as well as laughing at each other. We usually laugh at me because I always seem to forget to add something even though I’m looking at a recipe. We laugh at Anthony because he will add a ton of seasoning to any dish. Sometimes I’m like look, you’re gonna have to take that “Slap Ya Mama” seasoning and put it in your individual bowl. After we cook, we put our phones away and have family dinner time without the interruption of the outside world.


This leads me to this week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night! Again, when we started this journey of weekly dating I had no clue God would place so many great people in our path. This week’s date was selected by me, and we had the pleasure of working with the amazing Kirbee Miller, founder of Kinimi Kitchen. It’s a YouTube cooking channel. Yep, that means HutchStew will be featured on her YouTube channel. I’ll provide information so yall can see us in action. Prior to the date, I told Kirbee we were trying to eat healthier. She said she had some dishes in mind for us.

We arrived at Kinimi’s Kitchen eager to cook, hungry and ready to fill our tummies with good food. She let us know we’d be making spaghetti using zucchini noodles, ground turkey meatballs, a side kale salad and tomato mozzarella bruschetta. Seriously, my mouth is watering just typing this! I don’t want to give too much away about the date because I want you to visit her YouTube channel to see us in action, but I’ll give yall a quick rundown.


We started by assigning task and I got the wonderful task of mixing the ingredients in the ground turkey while Anthony chopped up all the great veggies. He also started to saute the spaghetti sauce while I had fun making the zucchini noodles. After the turkey meat was seasoned to perfection, Kirbee told us she had a mini competition for us. You know HutchStew LOVES competitions!!! She showed us how to roll the turkey into perfectly shaped meatballs. She said the key was to make them small so it wouldn’t take as long for them to bake. I’d like to go on the record and say my meatballs were more aesthetically pleasing. I’m sure Anthony’s excuse would be his hands are bigger. Sidenote: every time we do some type of adventure and he loses he blames it on his height. He always says, “this isn’t for tall people.” He’s 6″1′ and I’m a mere 5″2′. Okay back to the cooking. We put the meatballs in the oven to bake, and I started working on the Kale salad while Anthony made the bruschetta. While everything simmered, we got to talk to Kirbee a little more. She asked us about weeknight date night and how it came about and what some of our favorite dates were so far.

And in no time the food was ready. Let the church say AMEN!!! The first bite was so great that I moaned and said this is great! We talked about what we liked about the food and then Kirbee ended the recording of her show so we could go sit at the table and finish eating. There was one small problem. I had already finished ALL of my food. Listen, I eat very fast. It can be embarrassing if I’m out with people I don’t really know. I could probably win an eating contest. See what I did there? I turn everything into a competition.

We sat down at the table and talked to Kirbee about her BEAUTIFUL home and why she started the cooking channel. We made a promise to come back and make another dish with her. She won’t have to ask us twice. We’ll definitely be back and ready to cook in Kinimi’s Kitchen! For recipes and cooking advice follow Kirbee on IG at KiNiMi Kitchen and her YouTube Channel KiNiMi Kitchen.

Click HERE to view our YouTube debut!


Until next time loves…