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Last year Anthony bought golf clubs and said he would start playing golf. This year, those clubs are still in the garage and have never been used. I get it, some times we do things like that lol. When I was in high school, my dad took up golf and he taught me the basics of the game, but yeah, all I know is the basics. This brings us to this week’s date. This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by Anthony and we played putt putt golf at Soar Adventure Tower. With us playing putt putt that means Anthony STILL hasn’t used those golf clubs lol. One day..ONE day!

Love at Any Stage relationship blog photo content Summer 2017

We had previously heard about Soar Adventure Tower, but had never participated in any of their activities. I was pretty excited to go and experience this place. We arrived and the staff was friendly and informative. We got our equipment and headed to the course. Let me just say, the weather was PERFECT that night. It was warm with a nice breeze.

Love at Any Stage relationship blog photo content Summer 2017

The first two holes we did pretty well on, but when we hit the third hole that’s when the bogeys began lol. I knew this was not going to be one of those competitive trash talking dates because, well, we both sucked lol. I knew this would be one of those dates that we talked and simply enjoyed each others’ company. We talked about our days, some goals, current events, but most importantly our marriage.

Love at Any Stage relationship blog photo content Summer 2017

Since we’re in the digital age it’s so easy to get sucked in to the comparison trap regarding marriage and really everything else in life. We talked about how we’re thankful we don’t play the comparison game when it comes to marriage. We discussed the series Black Love and it’s importance for our community and culture.

Love at Any Stage relationship blog photo content Summer 2017

*Sidenote* I’m sure I’ll be moved to write a blog post about this series, but for now I have to applaud everyone involved in this project. It’s so important to see people that look like you telling their authentic stories while being so open and vulnerable. The series opens up important dialogue for the black community, and I know millions of couples will benefit from it.


Now, back to golf. There were a couple of holes we had TRIPLE bogeys. I’m very ashamed. I’m not sure how you get triple bogeys in putt putt. I’ll confess there was one time I swung so hard my ball landed in some rocks. We made it through the 18 rounds and I counted our scores. Yall, it’s embarrassing! Anthony had a +22 and I had a +17. For those of you that don’t know golf, you NEVER want a + in front of your score. You always want a -.


Soar Adventure Tower was a great place for a date night. In addition to their miniature golf, they have an awesome obstacle tower with different levels for kids and adults. Their miniature golf is $10 per person for adults, and to check out a full list of pricing for all of their features click HERE! Anthony and I will definitely be back to tackle the obstacles!

Until next time loves…

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