A few years ago I started seeing Friendsgiving posts everywhere. I think it’s a great idea, because a lot of us aren’t in close proximity to our family. This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was actually on a Saturday, and we attended a Friendsgiving.


I had my heart set on going to a Friendsgiving thrown by my vlogger friend Kirbee Miller from Kinimi Kitchen, but I had another event that night. When I thought all hope was lost, Instagram came through for me. I saw a post about another event, and the meal was going to be prepared by Chef Cleveland Shearls of The Lost Spoon. I knew of Chef Cleveland from a prior event, but I hadn’t had the pleasure of tasting his culinary goodness. I thought this would be the perfect time to experience it.

We arrived at the location, and the set up was cute. There was a long table with subtle decorations. I went to the bar to grab one of the signature drinks. The drink was amazing. I had one of those moments where I had to look back at the bartender like wow, this is good let me get a good look at you. To my surprise, the bar services were provided by Beauty and the Bottle. They hosted one of our pre-blog date nights. We had a private mixology class at our house, and it was GREAT. If you’re in the Nashville area, definitely use them for all your bartending needs.


Anthony and I started to converse with other people at the table. There was nothing but good vibes in the room. After a few minutes of talking it was time for the main event…the FOOD! We said grace as a unit, and then got to work on experiencing Chef Cleveland’s food. Now I see why there’s so much hype associated with him. It was worth the price of admission.

After we ate, we moved to another table and some of else decided to play Uno. Seriously, this game can ruin friendships lol. The funny thing about Uno is everyone plays it differently. I know I’m biased, but my family’s version is the BEST. I’ll let you in on the rules a little later. The game was fun, and before you know it, we were connecting like we’d known each other for years. We laughed A LOT!

After we had a few games of Uno under our belt and the itis kicking in, we all grabbed a to go plate (that’s a major key) and went our separate ways. I connected with a few people on Instagram, and hope to run into them at upcoming events.

Stewards’ Uno Rules
1. You can put a skip or reserve on top of a Draw 2 or Draw 4. The “skip” will skip you and goes to the next person. The “Reverse” reverses back to the person that put it down.

2. When you throw out a 2 you can take 2 cards from your hand and give them to another player.

3. You can add or subtract. If a 5 is thrown out you can throw out a 2 and 3 because it equals 5 or you can throw out a 7 and 2 because 7 minus 2 is 5.

No one believes us, but when we were little there were alternate rules in a pack of cards we received and we took them and ran with it. Don’t be scared, try the Stewards’ Uno Rules. If you do, please let me know what you think of them.

Have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving!

Until next time loves…