Hey yall! It’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve received a Truth Tuesday from me. Truth is I didn’t have it in me to write anything. This Tuesday I’m back with another truth that I hope connects and stirs some type of emotion within you. As we all know social media is HUGE, and it plays an integral role in our lives. Since we’re all so “connected” to and through social media it’s important we create more spaces for all types instead of handing out so many petty likes.

Let’s be honest for a second (it’s Tuesday so we tell truths), have you ever given someone a “petty like” on social media? The truth is an overwhelming majority of us have. I know, I know, it’s not the best thing to do. Sometimes, they’re like little white lies, we do it to make someone feel better. Other times, it’s like we’re part of Regina George’s squad, and we like someone’s post for the hell of being mean. Why do we do this? I’m sure there are plenty of reasons both surface level and deeper. Here recently, I’ve been thinking about the petty likes I’ve given out, but then also thinking about the ones I’m sure I’ve received. Honestly, it’s not a good feeling being on the receiving end of one.


So, what can we do about this? I say we create spaces for people to be themselves without ridicule. These spaces should be both formal and informal, familiar and unfamiliar because that’s the only way we get uncomfortable, break down walls, stereotypes and fears to open ourselves up for change. Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t offer advice/suggestions, but we must be cognizant that it’s coming from a good place. It takes a lot of effort to create these spaces. I’ve been married two years, and I still have to be cognizant to create a safe, comfortable space for Anthony to express his ideas, thoughts, fears and feelings. Whether it’s marriage, friendship, a colleague, an associate or someone you’re getting to know, we must create these safe spaces for others to be themselves.


Recently, there has been an increase in conversations about mental health. From personal experience I know it’s important to have spaces where people can truly be themselves. Creating spaces is awesome, but it’s similar to “checking on someone”, it’s not enough. We have to do more than create, we must cultivate. We must do more than check on someone, we must actually connect with them, and my friends that requires way more than a “how are you” text. If you’re already in these type of positive, liberating cultivating spaces please comment and let me know their names so others can join. If you feel you don’t have a space where you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable, let me know and we can start our own. “Belonging” is a huge part of mental health.

Let’s make a promise to create more positive spaces for all types instead of double tapping for a petty like.

Create, Cultivate, Educate and Love

Until next time loves…