Last week’s date night helped strengthen our communication, and it deepened our love for one another. The date was about arguments, and that’s a subject some couples don’t want to admit happens to them. The “argument date night” was deep and took us to places well below the surface.  I truly appreciate Anthony for coming up with that date.

This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by me. The other day I was playing around on my phone and came across an advertisement for a car. From there I started thinking about how vehicles were made. I thought, “man it would be fun for us to make our own cars.” I googled cars made of cardboard and just like that this week’s date night was born. Often, people ask how do you guys constantly think of dates every week. For me, it’s usually the most random thing that leads me to the dates that I select. It can be as simple as me seeing something on television, and I turn it into a date.


Recently, Anthony started a new job and his work schedule has been a bit hectic. I told him to be ready by 6:30 and to dress comfortably. He was unsure if he’d be home and ready for date night. So, I veered from our normal protocol and told him that our date would be at home this week. Anthony made it home and I told him we were making cardboard cars for our date. We went to Wal-Mart to get the materials. I didn’t set a budget for this week’s date, but I spent $30.



Below is the list of the items we purchased:

  1. Box Cutter
  2. Paint
  3. Paint Brushes
  4. Fabric
  5. Glitter Duct Tape
  6. Wooden Letters

We had some items at home:

  1. Cardboard Boxes
  2. Packing Tape
  3. Paper Plates
  4. Adhesive Letters
  5. Construction Paper
  6. Glue


I found a step by step outline on how to make cardboard cars. I text the picture to Anthony and we were set to begin. We moved our coffee table to another room and spread all the materials on the floor. Although we had an outline on how to construct the car, the decoration process was all free form.  Anthony pulled out the paint and paint brushes and started to decorate his letters (A and H). I took a more methodical approach. I took out red polka dot fabric and instantly was upset I didn’t get more of it. Meanwhile Anthony finished painting the letters and moved to putting on the headlights and adding construction paper to the front of the car. I must admit I have absolutely NO clue what the purpose of that construction paper was (don’t tell him I said that). I added a little pizzazz by putting on the glitter duct tape. Yes, glitter duct tape! I instantly fell in love with it. I finished off my car by adding wheels, a steering wheel and to top it all off I brought back the BEST car accessory from the 90s. Yes, you guessed it…I added my name to my car. After we finished I found a way to semi fit in my car for a nice photo op.


I’ve noticed that the best part about arts and crafts dates is the fact that we tune everything and everyone out, and it’s just us. We have time to talk, laugh and share intimate quality time together.  In today’s society, we’re always busy and on the go. It’s sometimes difficult to have a stop and smell the roses moment, but our weekly date nights are built in stop and smell the roses moments. I know no matter how hectic life gets every week I have a designated time set aside to have intimate quality time with the person I love the most.


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