Truth Tuesday – Stay Or Let It Go

Images By Ivory Door Studio It's Hutch signing in to give you this week's edition of Truth Tuesday. I know it's been two weeks since you heard from us, and thanks for your patience while we had a little R&R in the Dominican Republic. If you're not up to date on our...

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Truth Tuesday – Battered Fighters

Images By: Ivory Door Studio It's Stew, and I'm back with this week's edition of Truth Tuesday. I know yall ready so I'm going to jump right in it. As I stated in my IG post yesterday, both of us were immature and ill-equipped for this relationship. He was scared of...

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Truth Tuesday – Stew Rewinds Time

Images By Ivory Door Studio Saturday Anthony and I were driving back home from a quick birthday road trip to Atlanta, and I came up with an idea for the blog. I was inspired by Love and Basketball (story was told in four quarters) as well as the Own series Love Is...

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Truth Tuesday – When Rejection Shows Up With Flowers

I initially starting writing this blog by telling the story of the two incidents in which I felt rejected. I was coming from a place of hurt and anger. If I’m being honest, I wanted to use my words to inflict a small amount of pain on those people. Then it hit me, how will that help me heal this wound? It wouldn’t! So, I decided to take a different approach.

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