How To Evolve Through Therapy – Truth Tuesday

Last week I reached out to my therapist and asked if she could tell me the date of my first session along with any notes she had taken. Friends, be careful what you ask for lol. Before sending the email, I knew therapy tremendously helped my life, but sometimes we need reminders of how far we’ve come. This week’s Truth Tuesday I’m going to share some very personal information with yall in order to show you that it’s possible to heal, learn and evolve through therapy.

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Truth Tuesday – Sheena At Any Stage

Images By Ivory Door Studio  Last year during "Love Week" I wrote a blog titled Single Sheena. It explored part of my journey as a single woman. This Truth Tuesday I want to share a lesson I learned from each of the following stages of Sheena (Single, Dating, Engaged...

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Truth Tuesday – Stay Or Let It Go

Images By Ivory Door Studio It's Hutch signing in to give you this week's edition of Truth Tuesday. I know it's been two weeks since you heard from us, and thanks for your patience while we had a little R&R in the Dominican Republic. If you're not up to date on our...

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Truth Tuesday – Battered Fighters

Images By: Ivory Door Studio It's Stew, and I'm back with this week's edition of Truth Tuesday. I know yall ready so I'm going to jump right in it. As I stated in my IG post yesterday, both of us were immature and ill-equipped for this relationship. He was scared of...

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