When I was younger I joined Girl Scouts. Well, actually I never made it to Girl Scouts. I was only a Brownie. I went to one or two meetings, and I told my mom I no longer wanted to go. I told her that instead I wanted to do ballet. She took me out of Girl Scouts and enrolled me in ballet. To this day I still have a soft spot in my heart for ballet. I feel such a connection when I watch it. Last year, Anthony and I saw the Alvin Ailey Ballet Company in Atlanta. It was an incredible show, and I definitely connected with the dancers. This lead’s me to this week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night. It was selected by Anthony and we went to the Nashville Ballet for a media preview of their “7 Deadly Sins” show.


With Anthony and I dating weekly, we have a mixed bag of dates. For some of the dates we have to get dressed up. We all know that sometimes a lot goes into looking good. A few months ago Anthony mentioned that he wanted to start growing out his beard. He started to do some research and find some products to use. As we all know buying products for grooming can be hit or miss, and realistically, you might have to kiss a few frog before you find “the one”.

A couple months ago I met with James, the co-founder of a company called ShaveFace. The company was started by two best friends James and Casey, because they were tired of getting subpar shaves and having to buy razors on a weekly basis. They wanted to ensure they were providing quality product as well as useful tips for men’s grooming. Although the name of the company is ShaveFace they have products for all stages of men’s grooming. Their products are all natural. This was important to them! They started a kick starter campagin in 2015 and since then have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrillist and Uncrate.

Anthony received a box of products from ShaveFace and he was very pleased. He has been using the products for months and has received favorable results regarding his beard. Since our date was at the ballet, he wanted to make sure he was on point and took some of the ShaveFace products to his barber to get “cleaned up” before the date. He went to his barbershop Clipper City Barbers to get ready for the date. The barbershop is a place for guys to get together and be just be guys. Anthony wanted to tell his friends about the ShaveFace products so they all got together for a guys’ night out to catch up. The day wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have some whiskey to go with it.  We’re in Tennessee who doesn’t love a little whiskey?

The guys are ShaveFace have provided yall with a discount code to get some great products! Please use the discount code CLIPPERCITY to receive 20% off your purchases. But wait there’s more! ShaveFace is also giving away a set to one lucky reader!!!

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The next day Anthony and I headed to the Nashville Ballet for their “Seven Deadly Sins” show. To see the Seven Deadly Sins “come to life” was great. The saw also featured a band that played/sang a different song for each sin. I definitely felt a connection with the show and the dancers, and I could feel the passion exuding from them. Their lines and angles were on point and the show truly took you away.

After the ballet, Anthony and I had dinner and discussed the show a little deeper. We both talked about how amazing it was and the connection we felt. We then wanted to have a little fun and talked about which one of us was mostly likely to display one of the sins. Below is the list of the Seven Deadly Sins.

  1. Pride
  2. Greed
  3. Envy
  4. Sloth
  5. Gluttony
  6. Lust
  7. Wrath

Click HERE to take a look at the Nashville Ballet’s upcoming events. Trust me you don’t want to miss out!!!

Don’t forget to enter the ShaveFace contest and also use the discount code CLIPPERCITY to receive 20% off your purchases.

Until next time loves…

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