Remember last week when Anthony and I did the Virtual Reality date, and he became enamored with the archery “defend the castle” game? Well, that date left a great impression on him. He loved the game so much that he wanted to do it in real life. This week’s edition of Weeknight Date Night was selected by Anthony and we took an archery class. YES, you read that correctly, we took an archery class at Music City Archery, LLC.


We took a beginner’s class because neither of us had ever even picked up a bow and arrow. We each had an instructor that taught us how to hold the bow, load the arrow and then shoot. It sounds pretty easy huh? Well, my first two shots went right over the target lol. Our instructors told us about the importance of flexing your back when pulling the string on the bow. One part that was a little scary to me was getting the string on the bow close to your mouth in order to shoot it. It’s like when you’re shooting a basketball and your left hand (if you’re right handed) gets in the way of your follow through and your shot goes awry. I had a habit of flinching right at the end and my arrow ended up on Anthony’s target a couple of times LOL! Anthony did pretty good. He was extremely consistent. None of his arrows went over the target and all of his arrows stayed on his target.


After a few rounds of shooting arrows our instructors told us it was time for the bulls eye round. We both had three arrows and the goal was to see who got the most bulls eye. Anthony had been pretty consistent all night and as for me I had glimpses of archery pro-ness but then I’d literally shoot over the target. When the dust settled after the bulls eye round I had 1 bulls eye and Antony had NONE. NEVER COUNT STEW OUT!!! I’m a winner I refuse to lose people. We then moved on to the balloon round. We both blew up a balloon and placed it on our target. Anthony hit his balloon on the first try. It took me a few shots, but I was able to pop my balloon as well. Before the night ended Anthony hit his first (and only) bulls eye while I was able to get one more bulls eye before the date ended.

Music City Archery was FUN!!! I definitely recommend taking an archery class even if you’re a novice like Anthony and I. The staff was friendly, the facility was clean and the instructors were very helpful. Music City Archery currently has a Groupon available. They’re offering a one hour session for two people at a rate of $30 and a one hour session for four people at a rate of $60. If you visit Music City Archery please tell them Sheena sent you!

Until next time loves!